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Video Home Theatre Wall Plate (RGB + HDMI)

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Simple RGB Component and HDMI Connections

Why invest all that money in your home theatre setup and then end up with a nest of tangled cables?  Use this professional wall plate to conceal your video cables in the wall and present them neatly.  This premium quality wall plate provides all the video connections you should need: an HDMI connection and RGB component connections.  This wall plate therefore has the latest HDMI digital connection and your analogue RGB component connections too.

Heavy Duty AV Wall Plate - 1 HDMI + 3 RCA

With all binding posts being 24k gold plated, this wall plate guarantees the best possible connection and resistance to corrosion. Behind the wall plate, the HDMI port includes a 'dongle' that is flexible and bendable, making it easier for installation in tight places and narrow cavities. The female-to-female connectors are designed for your cables to simply plug in - no soldering or wiring necessary!  It can be installed with any standard Australian wall bracket. Its detachable clip-on cover hides the mounting points and allows for easy wall painting.

This wall plate's slimline design matches standard Australian Clipsal 2000 series wall plates, so you can easily place it anywhere and still complement the look of your home theatre area. Its design also gives it a neat and minimalist look. If you want an elegant, clean, and stylish way to connect your HDMI devices, this is a must-have.

Gold-Plated HDMI RCA Wall Plate

  • VERSATILE - Compatible with all male-to-male HDMI cable and male-to-male RCA component cables
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - Provides all the video connections you need, using heavy duty 24K gold for highest connectivity
  • ALL-AROUND - Provides the latest HDMI connection and analogue RGB component connections
  • SLIMLINE DESIGN - So you can place it anywhere to complement your home theatre setup
  • FLEXIBLE INSTALLATION - Easy to install in tight places and narrow cavities