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Ultra Premium RCA/Subwoofer Home Theatre Cable - 15m

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Digi Haus

The ideal cable for sub-woofer or for digital audio use.

RCA cables have been around for decades thanks to its versatile design which can support both audio and video. The traditional RCA cables usually come in sets of three (3) plugs -- two (2) for audio and one (1) for composite video. They are usually short and frail cables, only ideal for short distances.

However, this gold plated with metal plug RCA cable goes beyond the traditional limited design. It can be used to connect receivers to sub-woofers, as well as in different digital audio and video applications such as camcorders, TVs, and projectors. If you want superb audio and video performance and quality, you can't go wrong with this RCA cable.


High performance -- Traditional RCA cables require all 3 plugs to be connected to provide the optimal audio and video quality. This RCA cable combines all signals, whether digital or analogue, in one plug without compromising signal quality.

Gold plated for connectivity -- Gold is known to be very resistant to corrosion, which is why you can expect this RCA cable to last for a very long time without degradation of connectivity.

Great for in-wall installation -- This RCA cable is designed to be sturdy. It is ideal for in-wall installations.

It's the best deal you will ever get.

Our price for this RCA cable is significantly lower than others, but its quality is second to none. Do not leave it to your electrician to source your cables at their local trade supplier – they will not get this quality and price per metre.