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Trak Shower Grate/Channel Drain - Standard Sizes

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The Trak shower grate/channel is the latest shower grate design - and is fast gaining popularity as it mixes clean industrial looks that seem to go with most decors. It also offers superior load strength, important in traffic areas. Available in lengths from 800mm to 1500mm. 

Streamline drainage setup for modern showers

Comes in 15 standard measurement options

  • Full 316 stainless steel - marine grade
  • Clean modern look - shower grates are the new minimalist look
  • Save on installation - this is a simpler option than a centre waste which requires four falls and many tile cuts
  • The 22mm depth is one of the shallowest in the market for installation in most spaces
  • Lifetime warranty from Shower Grate Shop

The modern recessed shower grate provides high quality styling to a contemporary bathroom. The benefits of a shower grate go beyond their superior looks - the installation of a shower grate is generally far simpler than a centre waste. Grading floor tiles to the grate's linear edge is far easier than the labour involved in grading, bedding, grouting and tiling around a centre waste. Taking labour into account, the shower grate is usually the more economical (and far more impressive looking) option.

Premium Specifications

  • Made to measure in Australia
  • 316 stainless steel for lifetime durability
  • No plastic parts
  • Internal tile insert tray is 11mm deep and has strong supporting feet for heavy traffic
  • Three widths available (55mm, 90mm, 115mm)
  • 22mm deep
  • Centred outlet and 40mm outlet diameter
  • Fully Watermark Licensed for ATS 5200.040:2005
  • Lifetime Warranty