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Shearer Nebula Pull Down Overhead Cabinet Storage - for a 600mm Cupboard

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Shearer Nebula Style Kitchen Lift Baskets

The SHEARER Nebula pull down wall cabinet lift system is one of Higold's patented storage solution designs that will provide you with a more comfortable and quality kitchen life experience. It's built with superior quality aerospace-grade aluminium to ensure anti-corrosion, scratch-resistant, and long-lasting use.

Improved and Easier Access to Overhead Storage

This Nebula lift system from the Shearer collection features a new T-shaped, central handle that allows small items to be stored on the cabinet base, just underneath the bottom tray. This thoughtful design and space utilisation means that no area goes to waste, and you can conveniently store items and make the most of every inch of available space in your overhead cabinets.

The convenient pull-down system can be lowered up to 305mm, so you and your family can easily take and store items. It also integrates a three-gear speed boost regulating valve that adjusts the pulling force according to the weight it bears—this will assist in achieving a cloud-like push and pull movement of the lifter unit. With the Soft Stop feature, the shelves can be put back in the cupboard with a gentle push upward.

Lift Basket System for Overhead Hanging Cabinet
  • OPTIMAL SPACE USE - Large-capacity, double shelf design revolutionises space utilisation and accessibility of unreachable overhead cabinets; you can conveniently store items under the unit on the cabinet base, maximising space use
  • SLEEK DESIGN - Finished with matte grey, a versatile choice of colour to fit most modern homes
  • CONVENIENT - The buffer damping mechanism prevents abrupt lowering, and allows smooth operation with a gentle pulling down and pushing of its T-shaped handle (pulling force can also be adjusted up to three storage weight options through the regulating valves)
  • STABLE LIFTING - The top shelf is designed with a rod at the back to prevent items from dropping or falling during movement
  • HIGH LOAD-BEARING - Solid side panels and arms guarantee a strong load capacity of up to 30kgs to bear kitchen condiments and items with ease
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY - Aircraft-grade aluminium construction makes this lift system lightweight, durable, and resistant to corrosion and rust