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Round Shower Rail with Inlet

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Timeless, clever design

The Vale Round Shower Rail is of timeless design and will be sure to suit any modern bathroom. Streamline and minimalist, what enable this shower rail to stand out from the rest is the integrated water inlet hidden within the lower bracket. Unlike most shower rails where a seperate elbow is needed to connect the shower head hose to the wall, the Vale Round Shower Rail incorporates this all into the one design to minimize clutter and hardware in your shower space.

Sturdy and Durable

Constructed from solid DR Brass, the Vale Round Shower Rail will guarantee you years of use. Unlike many similiar looking products on the market, the Vale Round Shower Rail is made to last. You can instantly feel the difference in weight and strengh between this product and its trade range counterparts.


Precision and reliability

Its high precision engineering and solid brass components ensure that Vale provides you with complete reliability.  Maximise your shower experience with the incorporation of Vale Bathroom products.

Impressive features

  • Solid DR Brass Rail with a Luxury Chrome finish

  • Aesthetically pleasing Round Design

  • Integrated inlet

  • Adjustable height and angle shower head holder

  • Full compliance with Australia's Watermark and Wels standards and requirements.