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Pandora Top Mounted Clothes Hanger Rack

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This clothes rack is designed to use space efficiently as it is top mounted and it slides in and of your closet or cabinet.  Sometimes closets just do not have the depth for hanging garments on a rail and this is a great solution. This top-mounted rack is only 460mm in depth, yet holds 9 garments. The rack is designed with markers to provide space in between your hanged clothes.

This clothes rack and slider is made of satin metal, while the mount is made of durable plastic.

This is simple to install with the four screws provided.  Customers have installled these both in bedroom wardrobes, hall cupboards for coats, and under laundry shelves as a drying rack. 


Depth  472 mm
Width  113 mm
Height  135 mm
Hanging Spots  9 garments on hangers
Composition  Aluminium rack and slider and durable plastic mount
Finish  Polished satin and Black
Warranty  3 Years