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Nano Coated 1 & 1/2 Bowl Kitchen Sink - R10 Corner - Stainless Steel - 800mm

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Nano-Coated Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Higold uses the latest Nano-coating technology on this Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink to protect its surface and enhancing scratch resistance. It prevents oil and water from sticking to the surface, which makes it easier to keep your sink spotless at all times.

ADVANCED NANO TECHNOLOGY - The Nano coating not only enhances its resistance to scratching and rubbing, but it also prevents oil and water from sticking to the surface of the sink
DURABLE - 1.2mm bowl thickness ensures that it is highly resistant to dents and does not get pierced easily
NO FADING - With its use of premium grade materials, it has excellent resistance to high temperature
MOISTURE RESISTANT - It has an anti-condensation undercoating to prevent the buildup of moisture
CONVENIENT INSTALLATION - You are given the option for either topmount or undermount installation
ROUNDED INNER CORNERS - The R10 corner radius makes it easier to clean the sink bowl
RUST-RESISTANT - Its 304 stainless steel material protects this kitchen sink from rust and corrosion
NOISE MINIMISING - Superior external sound deadening rubber pads quieting sink duties
VERSATILE - Its double bowl design features one bigger bowl that can be extremely useful for cleaning pots and pans


Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Edge-to-edge Dimensions: 450mm x 800mm x 220mm (W X L x D)
Bigger Bowl Dimensions: 400mm x 450mm x 220mm (W X L X D)
Bigger Bowl Capacity: 39L
Smaller Bowl Dimensions: 400mm x 275mm x 220mm (W X L X D)
Smaller Bowl Capacity: 24L
Mounting: Undermount or Topmount
Inner Corners: Rounded (R10 Corner Radius)
Bowls: 1 & 1/2
Drain Hole Diameter: 114mm
Thickness: 1.2mm
Warranty: Lifetime domestic-use warranty