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Ivano Stainless Steel Soap Dish - Chrome

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This elegant wall-mounted soap dish is made from high-quality 304 stainless steel. It is meant to effectively withstand rusting or corrosion. It can be installed on various styles of bathroom designs due to its alluring chrome finish. Its square style ensures that it can readily complement other square bathroom accessories.

Stylish Soap Dish

The Ivano Stainless Steel Soap Dish - Chrome is among the tasteful products that are included in Aquaperla's wide range of bathroom accessories. It can be easily mounted to any bathroom wall. With its 304 stainless steel composition, you are ensured that you will not have any problems related to corrosion or rusting. Its alluring chrome finish makes it a perfect addition to any bathroom design. Its design is not only meant to give it a beautiful look, but it is made for convenience as well. The lip of the soap dish is built to keep a bar of soap inside and prevent it from slipping off. It features some holes to easily drain out water. 

Smart Choice for Bathroom Upgrade

  • ALLURING STYLE - Its structure and chrome finish were made to make the product fit various bathroom designs
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY - The 304 stainless steel composition helps prevent rusting
  • EASY INSTALLATION - It can easily be attached to a wall since it already comes with the needed mounting screws
  • COMPACT - The product provides a dedicated storage for soap bars without taking up too much wall space
  • RELIABLE - Aquaperla's warranty is proof of its excellent quality


Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Finish: Chrome
Width: 137mm
Depth: 105.5mm
Height: 30mm