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Home Theatre 8.2 Speaker Wall Plate - includes Mounting Bracket

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Flexibility for Various Configurations

This wall plate is designed to consolidate and professionally present all the speaker connections for your home theatre system - no matter how big it is!  It can support different configurations up to 9.2 channels, including 7.2, 7.1, 6.2 (+ Zone 2), 6.1 (+ Zone 2), 5.2 (+ Zone 2) and 5.1 (+ Zone 2). On top of this, the binding posts can accommodate banana plugs or bare wire on the front and the back. No matter what configuration you want to run and and which type of wire you want to use, this wall plate can handle it.

All input ports are labeled so you can easily connect wires without the need for complicated manuals and even professional help. The labels Front Left, Front Right, Surround Left, Surround Right, Center, Rear Center, Rear/Zone 2 Left, Rear/Zone 2 Right, and Sub-woofer (RCA and standard sub-woofer connection) allow you to connect your speakers efficiently.

The triple gang box design of this wall plate gives it a clean and elegant look. Not only does its design complement any modern decor, but it functionality helps you avoid the tangled mess of cables that are too common with so many speakers and devices.  A must have for anyone that loves speakers!

With all binding posts being 24k gold plated, this wall plate guarantees the best possible connection and resistance to corrosion.

Versatile Speaker Wall Plate

SIMPLE CONNECTIONS - All input ports labeled so it's easy to connect even without manuals
FLEXIBLE DESIGN - Can be used for various configurations up to 9.2 channels
MULTI-SUPPORT - Accommodates banana plugs or bare wire on front and back
FREE BRACKET - Wall-mounting bracket is free for a limited time only
NO MESS - Avoid the tangled mess of cables common with so many speakers and devices