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Blaze Chrome Bathtub/Basin Wall Spout

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This sleek wall spout is a modern yet economical choice for smart renovators.  Clean sharp lines add a contemporary touch to your bath or basin, and the 180-degree swivel elevates the spout's functionality.  This tapware from Aquaperla is built of solid brass and finished with polished chrome - the suitable addition to any bathroom.

Sleek and Modern Tapware

The Aquaperla Blaze Chrome Bathtub/Basin Wall Spout has a 180-degree swivel that lets you run your bath then get it out of the way when your bath's ready.  Its modern square design and elegant chrome finish will give your bathroom a timeless class.  The spout is suitable for your bath, shower, or bathroom basin area.


  • Suitable for domestic, commercial, or hotel use
  • Durable solid brass body with a chrome finish

  • 180-degree swivel spout

  • Simple installation, with complete assembly parts

  • Easy to clean with non-abrasive materials


  • Length: 259mm

  • Base Plate: 60 x 60mm

  • Weight: 0.7kg

  • Composition: Solid Brass

  • Finish: Polished Chrome

  • Pressure Rating: 500kPa maximum, 150kPa to 500kPa for best performance

  • Temperature Rating: 75 degrees C maximum, 5 degrees C minimum

  • Warranty: 10 years