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AGUZZO Kitchen Sink Accessory - Bench Top Drainer Tray

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Efficient Kitchen Sink Draining Tray

This drainer tray from Aguzzo makes drying dishes a lot more convenient. Just attach this plate drainer to your Aguzzo sink to let your dishes drip dry quickly before storing them back in your cupboards. Made with high-grade stainless steel to prevent rusting, and designed with a slope to direct the water right to the sink.

Sleek and Modern Dish Draining Tool

The Aguzzo stainless steel dish drainer tray makes dish draining a breeze. Simply place this draining board on your Aguzzo kitchen sink, where the lowered edge is directing towards the sink drain to drip dry your dishes and pots before storing them in your cupboards. This drip tray can also be used for holding fruits and vegetables for washing and defrosting frozen goods to keep your countertops dry and clutter-free.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Draining Accessory

  • DURABLE - Solid 304 stainless steel construction ensuring strength and durability for everyday use
  • DRY COUNTERTOPS - Smart sloped design that directs the dripping water right to the sink
  • VERSATILE - Mount it beside the sink or hang it within the sink bowl to save counter space
  • STABLE - Rubber grip edges keep the drainer tray in place
  • PERFECTLY DESIGNED - Fits flush in your Aguzzo Sink
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Grip: Rubber
  • Length: 425mm
  • Width: 315mm
  • Warranty: 12 months