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1 & 1/2 Bowl Kitchen Sink - Granite Composite - 800mm - Black

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Double Bowl Composite Kitchen Sink

This Double Bowl Kitchen Sink is known for using only premium granite composite materials. It performed extremely well on its steel ball impact test by receiving results greater than the international standards. The sink has excellent anti-scratch properties and does not fade over time due to its increased resistance against high temperature. When it comes to safety, it uses FDA approved food grade material for its surface and finish.

ELEGANT - Its black finish makes it a beautiful addition to any kitchen interior design
NO TINY AIR HOLES - This assures you that there is no danger for this product to develop cracks 
CONVENIENT INSTALLATION - You are given the option for either topmount or undermount installation
EASY TO CLEAN - The round inner corners make it easy to clean and the material ensures that you can easily wipe off oily stains
VERSATILE - Its double bowl design features one bigger bowl that can be extremely useful for busy kitchens


Material Composition: Granite Composite (High-Density, No Airhole)
Finish: Black
Edge-to-edge Dimensions: 480mm x 800mm x 215mm (W X L x D)
Bigger Bowl Dimensions: 400mm x 385mm x 200mm (W X L X D)
Bigger Bowl Capacity: 30L
Smaller Bowl Dimensions: 315mm x 300mm x 200mm (W X L X D)
Smaller Bowl Capacity: 18L
Mounting: Undermount or Topmount
Inner Corners: Rounded
Bowls: 1 & 1/2
Drain Hole Diameter: 114mm
Solid Steel Ball Impact Test Results: 500g steel ball, 100cm high impact, no damage (Exceeds international standards)
Inclusions: Hand soap dispenser
Warranty: Lifetime domestic-use warranty